It’s Fall in the Mountains

October 2015

October 2015

I guess at the rate I am posting on our blog it will be winter the next time you hear from me. But for now it is glorious fall in the mountains. The days are cool and the nights are even cooler. We have not had the air on for weeks…so there electric company! We have been hanging out on the deck more and enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and some wine there on Sunday. Hope you are enjoying yourself wherever you are…blog more soon.

May is awesome!


image image imageAbout 4 years ago we worked on the front area of our so called yard….in FL it is grass with flower beds. Here in NC our flowers are the grass….lol

And of course Murphy had to help me by watching me take the pictures 😍


Spring 2015

Well here we are well into spring. The mornings are still pretty crisp! We have had a lot of rain and it’s been pretty windy at times. We may even see some 80’s the first week of May. If you look closely you can see Murphy enjoying the sun….image

Spring Has Sprung

The trees and flowers are certaintly on overdrive! A few months ago the trees were bare and the flowers were no where to be seen…. what a great day in the mountains. Every season has its’ own beauty.