Our First Snow of 2014

Well it didn’t take long to have our first significant snowfall. Our high today will be below freezing all day, but the rain is gone for now. BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE 🙂


Fall is here

imageIt’s wonderful being in the mountains this time of the year. The mums are out as well as the pumpkins. The leaves are changing on the trees and all their colors will be showing soon. The mornings are nippy and the house is open and cool (yeah, no air).  The squirrels have been very busy this year hiding acorns.

Soon we will be raking up all the leaves and getting ready for winter.


The printer and the hummingbird….

DSC02880In the work environment having an office printer is wonderful, except for those people that you work with that leave the copier with a paper jam and claim that they didn’t have enough time, expertise or a brain to clear it for the next unsuspecting victim.  Although I digress from this story it sets the stage for how frustrating paper jams are, right?

Anyway, for quite awhile our home printer has been having a rough time with paper jams (I say for the past month. Jim claims it has always jammed). So the past 2 days we both have been printing things out and it has become quite the “sore” spot.  Jim cusses at it and I swear (is there a difference?). I tried looking closely at it yesterday, but today Jim yells to me….we are getting a new printer.  I say what if we (well really Jim) tear it apart and check to see if some little piece of paper has gotten in there and is racking havoc with the flow of paper. Well down he comes from upstairs with the printer in his arms and disappears into the basement.  Okay, he is going to find the problem. Pretty soon he comes up and says I found the jam……do you see my visual above?  YES, a poor hummingbird bit the dust in our printer!!!!  What the hell? We have to be the only people in the world that had a hummingbird jam 🙂


It has been a summer of firsts for me.  The quilt was on the bucket list. The bench wasn’t. Had a great time making them with some good friends.quilt bench2013Looking forward to next year.


Yes, yummy Manhattan’s last night made by Jenny. I believe Jenny won the drinking contest….although we didn’t know there was one! She wins the best hangover for today award….