It’s Fall in the Mountains

October 2015

October 2015

I guess at the rate I am posting on our blog it will be winter the next time you hear from me. But for now it is glorious fall in the mountains. The days are cool and the nights are even cooler. We have not had the air on for weeks…so there electric company! We have been hanging out on the deck more and enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and some wine there on Sunday. Hope you are enjoying yourself wherever you are…blog more soon.

It was a calm and crazy snow day

imageIt was a calm day since we were nice and cozy in the house. The fireplace was on overtime! The dogs love eating and playing in the snow. Don’t know why, but they sure get frisky when it snows.

It was crazy because Atlanta and surrounding areas were in gridlock. Kids stuck in school buses and at school over night.  Cars were off in the ditches on the road coming up to our house. Not a good day for traveling.

Here are some pics from yesterday and this morning. imageimage



Snow #2

Our second snow of the season. This snow looks soft and fluffy as it falls….so beautiful….glad we are in the house with a roaring fire! It is 20 degrees out…brrr.

November Falling Leaves


The leaves are falling like crazy now and fall is giving way to winter. Most of our trees are bare. All those leaves are now on our deck and in the yard….no way to keep up with the deck leaves. This time of the year you can start seeing things in the woods that were hidden from sight in the summertime.  We will be saying goodbye to fall soon!


image image

WTC Views

We get some awesome views from our deck. I can’t get enough of them because they are all different. This morning was the super moon, but here are a few others as well.

2013_ June_ Super_ Moon

June Super Moon

2013sunrisesunset 2013sunrisesunset1 2013sunrisesunset3