The Rabbit

I wake up as usual around 6 am with the 2 little brown noses nudging me.  They want to eat.  Mix up the food, place it in the bowls and a minute later the bowls are empty.  Time to go out.  Usually, they go out, do their business and return in less than 5 minutes.  It is after all, still chilly outside and dark.  Half hour later, no dogs.  Hmmm, maybe they got out.  Not good.  Nan will flip out. I …put on my shoes and a jacket and go out on the deck.  Both are in the yard, but it looks like Mo is carrying something.  I call them and they wander up the stairs to the deck.  Mo had a rabbit in his mouth.  Dead.  They are retrievers so I guess he did his job.  I just have a hard time imagining Mo running and catching a rabbit.  So how do you get a retriever to drop the rabbit from his mouth.  Never trained to retrieve and I was never trained either.  So I got some cookies.  Nope.  He was too smart.  More cookies and some strong encouragement and he dropped the rabbit and had the cookies down his throat and rabbit back in his mouth before I could blink.  All this time I have underestimated Mo.  More cookies.  This time I was ready.  Dropped the rabbit, I grabbed it’s head and MO grabbed the tail.  A struggle ensued.  Neither of us gave up, but we  skinned the rabbit.  Finally Mo let go and now I have a bloody rabbit in my hands.  I’m thinking dinner, but we all know Nan and her love of wild critters.  To the trash and later in the day a special trip to the dump.  Nice start to the day.  —-Jim