The Bear

B, B and B The bear returned last night.  Tiki started barking like a dog chasing a bear.  I go outside.  Tim and Bonnie are already on their deck.  Bonnie tells me that the bear was next to our garbage cans.  I walk over to the  garbage cans and look down towards the stairs and Mr. Bear was standing there looking at me.   Hmmmm.  I shined a flashlight at him and it was enough to scare him off.  U…nfortunately, he ran down to Harry and Marilyns yard and just stood there for a few minutes. Tim ran over in his bear (no pun) feet.  Once he hit the gravel in our driveway, he screamed.  Enough about the toughness of the Seals.  Bear was gone after Tims screams. The second and third B were this morning. Bonnie was up early to prepare for the ParTi.  She opened the umbrella over the table on the deck and the bats started to drop out of it.  It was Bonnies turn to scream. Tim came to the rescue and “B”atted them to the yard. Retirement – we really shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun.