It’s a Winterwonderland

Well it wasn’t as bitterly cold this time. We hovered at the low 30’s. I know our friends in FL would freeze, but it really isn’t bad. We sure got a lot more snow this time and this morning it is beautiful out.







10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today we closed on our mountain home; the Wild Turkey Chalet. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed.  We bought the chalet as a vacation and rental property. Every chance we got we would take off from work and come to the mountains of Murphy. As time passed we decided not to rent the WTC anymore….we wanted to come up when we wanted to. Our time was as short as a weekend and other times as long as 2 weeks. It was never long enough!!! Somewhere along the way we decided that this was the place to retire. So 3 years ago we sold our home in Florida and are now living our retirement years in the Wild Turkey Chalet.

Here’s to many happy and healthy years living in the mountains!

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It was a calm and crazy snow day

imageIt was a calm day since we were nice and cozy in the house. The fireplace was on overtime! The dogs love eating and playing in the snow. Don’t know why, but they sure get frisky when it snows.

It was crazy because Atlanta and surrounding areas were in gridlock. Kids stuck in school buses and at school over night.  Cars were off in the ditches on the road coming up to our house. Not a good day for traveling.

Here are some pics from yesterday and this morning. imageimage



Snow #2

Our second snow of the season. This snow looks soft and fluffy as it falls….so beautiful….glad we are in the house with a roaring fire! It is 20 degrees out…brrr.

Our First Snow of 2014

Well it didn’t take long to have our first significant snowfall. Our high today will be below freezing all day, but the rain is gone for now. BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE 🙂